Accademia Carrara

Associazione Amici dell’Accademia Carrara

Ever since it was set up in 1928, the Associazione Amici dell’Accademia Carrara (Association of Friends of the Accademia Carrara) has helped to protect, promote and enrich the heritage of the Pinacoteca, to make it available to the city, partly by encouraging the unbroken tradition of private patronage.

The Association’s core priorities are history, tradition, continuity, and a love of art, brought about by visits to exhibitions and to places of artistic excellence, by promoting conferences and debates, dialogue with the friends of other Italian museums and with cultural associations in the city, in order to give greater visibility not only to the Accademia Carrara but also to the beauty of the entire city of Bergamo. The hope is that the Carrara may become a living space of the city, where everyone will want to come and meet in the name of culture and art.

President Flavia Conca
Vice President Gaia Siebaneck
Secretariat Laura Bisutti

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