Educational services

Accademia Carrara

Education Service

The Accademia Carrara Education Service is committed to opening the doors of the Museum to the widest and most varied public possible, as well as to breaking down visible and invisible barriers. The Museum is a place of discovery and of personal development and social inclusion, and it promotes active, lifelong learning.

The works in the Museum are at the heart of the experiences created for all types of visitors: they are shown and analysed, with thematic tours and experiential workshops to help visitors learn and discover, while developing and exercising skills.

Children from kindergartens, young people in training, families, migrant communities, and people with special abilities: we speak to all people, inviting them to try out our educational and teaching events, where they will find opportunities for learning and understanding.

Customised projects

The Educational Services are available to teachers to agree on activities with specific characteristics, which may also include educational – didactic interventions at the school, in any case preparatory to the experience at the Art Gallery; contact us for a customised project: