A new masterpiece by Mantegna.
La Resurrezione.

The Resurrection, a painting on wood measuring 48,5 x 37,5 cm, was purchased in 1846 by Guglielmo Lochis as a work by Mantegna. It was later downgraded to a studio production. It is in actual fact a work of superb quality, and the upper part of the famous Descent into Limbo, formerly in the Barbara Piasecka Johnson Collection and, since 2003, in an unknown private collection. Thanks to the perfect match of the little cross painted in gold, which in the Resurrection appears on the bottom edge, with the tip of the pole held by Christ in the Descent into Limbo, as well as the correspondence of the rocks that form the central arch, we can be reasonably certain that the two panels originally formed a single wing of a polyptych.


A new life for the painting.
The restoration.

The aim of the restoration is to give full visibility to the original painting, which has been altered by retouching, with oxidised and yellowed paint, while also obtaining new and, as much as possible, complete information about its technical and conservation history. After an initial in-depth study of the painting technique used by the artist in works on wood and canvas, and with information provided by comparing all non-invasive or micro-invasive study techniques currently available, it will be possible to adopt appropriate means to carry out gradual, controlled cleaning, with reintegration of the coloured surfaces and the application of a final protective film.




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