With its centuries-old history, the Carrara has been, and continues to be, loved by collectors, who identify with the art patrons of the past. All are united by the grand idea and bequest of the founder, Giacomo Carrara. After him came Guglielmo Lochis, Giovanni Morelli, Federico Zeri, and many others, and indeed, over the years, more than two hundred and fifty people have donated their works to the museum. In the most striking cases, they have given entire collections, amassed with passion and talent.

This endowment is of inestimable cultural and civic value, showing how an excellent and visionary idea is able to keep going and involve others. “Introducing art through great examples of art” was the simple, concrete notion that guided Giacomo Carrara, and his idea is still a beacon for many. In presenting the latest donations and some recent long-term loans, we wish to give public recognition to the generosity of those citizens who believe in the Carrara and in its values and identity.