Rembrandt in una storia meravigliosa

09.07.2021 – 17.10.2021

With the exceptional loan of Rembrandt’s self-portrait from the Rijksmuseum Museum in Amsterdam, through the project “Una storia meravigliosa,” Accademia Carrara invites visitors to discover Rembrandt’s masterpiece Self Portrait, explore the museum through a production dedicated to the exceptional painter together with other Flemish and Italian paintings. During the exhibition, visitors will also enjoy new canvases belonging to Accademia Carrara, which usually are not displayed.


Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn Leida 1606 – Amsterdam 1669 Self Portrait 1628 ca  oil on panel Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum


Rembrandt’s masterpiece has rarely been lent to other museums, and it is one of the first self-portraits where Rembrandt van Rijin (Leiden 1606- Amsterdam 1669) presents himself outside a broader context.


This special event has become an opportunity to create an exposition dossier explaining and discussing the context and the golden era of the Flemish painting through canvases created by Rembrandt’s Flemish and Italian apprentices, belonging to Accademia Carrara. This exhibition also tells the history of the museum of Bergamo, its works, and it also unveils its cultural potential.


The exhibition is imagined as a tribute to Rembrandt, with two main focuses, “Inside Rembrandt’s studio” and “The European fortune of the Flemish artist.” The former put the accent on Rembrandt’s student’s works like Gerbrandt van den Eeckhout, Dirck Dircksz van Santvoort, Nicolaes Maes;  the latter instead targets other painters inspired by Rembrandt between XVII and XVIII centuries, Giuseppe Nogari, Bartolomeo Nazari, Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione .”


Accademia Carrara,
Piazza Giacomo Carrara 82 – Bergamo


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