Service charter

Pinacoteca Accademia Carrara’s institutional aim is to increase, collect, conserve, exhibit, enhance and illustrate to the public, with a view to constant updating, its heritage in order to both preserve memory and stimulate curiosity about the past, and to promote the growth of critical tools useful for a better understanding of the present.
The Museum operates according to criteria of quality, simplification of procedures and information to users.

The Service Charter

The Service Charter is the instrument by which the Museum communicates and interacts with its visitors. It establishes the services that the Foundation undertakes to provide in accordance with applicable laws and with the Museum Regulations, with a view to meeting the needs and expectations of its users, whose satisfaction is a primary objective. The Quality Service Charter thus responds to the need to establish principles and rules for the relationship between the provider of the services and those who use them.

It is indeed a “pact” with its users, a means of communication and information that informs them about the services offered and the methods and standards that are promised. It allows users to ensure that the commitments entered into are respected, and to express their own assessments also in the form of complaints.

The adoption of the Charter of Services is designed to ensure broader promotion of the cultural heritage preserved in the Pinacoteca Accademia Carrara and to ensure that, to the greatest extent possible, the organisation of the activities meets the expectations of users, while bearing in mind the need for protection and research.

The Charter will be revised every two years in order to consolidate the levels of quality achieved, and to record any positive changes made possible by improvement projects, which may also be based on the periodical monitoring of users’ opinions.

The revision, to be drafted by the management of the Foundation and subject to approval by the Board of Directors, will be put into effect in any case in the event of:

    • Modification of regulations concerning museum services
    • New service requirements
    • Users’ suggestions and observations that are deemed to be of particular importance.

The Charter is made public on the Museum website and a printed version is available to visitors and to those who ask for it at the ticket office of the Pinacoteca Accademia Carrara.

Download full Service charter