Your contribution makes a difference.
The amount donated will go entirely to support the museum.

What are donations for?
With your donation you support the activities of the Carrara, the only Italian museum made up of bequests from important private collectors, established in Bergamo in 1794 as a single complex of picture gallery and painting school on the initiative of Giacomo Carrara from Bergamo.

Every year the museum hosts temporary exhibitions, supports research projects, collaborates with local institutions in cultural enhancement and organises educational and training events for all audiences.

Are you an individual?

You can deduct 19% of your donation from your taxes.
As an alternative to the deduction, you can take advantage of the deduction from your total income.
In this case, by reducing your taxable income upstream, you will have a benefit – financial return – equal to the maximum IRPEF rate achieved.

Liberal donations in cash or in kind to recognised foundations and associations. Deductibility of 10% on total income, subject to a limit of €70,000.

These donations may be deducted if paid in favour of:

  • Recognised foundations and associations whose statutory purpose is the protection, promotion and enhancement of assets of artistic, historical and landscape interest (Legislative Decree No 42 of 22 January 2004);
  • recognised foundations and associations whose statutory purpose is to carry out or promote scientific research activities, as identified by the Prime Ministerial Decree of 12 October 2016 (Official Gazette of 16 November 2016, no. 268).
As a result of Article 1 of Law 160/2019 (Budget Law 2020) from 1/1/2020, the deduction in the income tax return of a number of charges is conditional on payment by traceable instruments (credit cards, debit cards, cheques, bank transfers, etc.) but also on the circumstance that the total income does not exceed € 240,000, while a proportional reduction of the deduction applies for incomes between € 120,000 and € 240,000.

Are you a legal person: a company, an organisation or association, a foundation, etc.?

You can deduct the full amount of the donation from your business income, without any limitations.
Regulatory reference: Article 100(2)(m) of Presidential Decree 917/86.

For example: donating €10,000 will give you the opportunity to deduct €10,000 from your business income in your tax return.

The eligibility of this deduction is conditioned by the transmission by the donor and the beneficiary of the appropriate communication to the Agenzia delle Entrate and the Ministero del Beni Culturali, respectively, to be made by 31 January of the year following the year of disbursement.

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Current account in the name of FONDAZIONE ACCADEMIA CARRARA DI BERGAMO and opened at BANCO BPM S.p.A., Bergamo Branch – Largo Porta Nuova, 2

IBAN: IT31 X 05034 11121 000000007000