The Accademia Carrara presents itself to the world as a major collection of paintings, but the museum also has a wide range of very different objects, which reflect the tastes of erudite collecting in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, with a great interest in the arts that we now refer to as “minor”. 

Together with the furniture and furnishings, there are also porcelain items, bronzes, jewellery and silverware, glassware, and table clocks, but also small collections of rather rare objects, one of which is of 46 seals, ancient and modern, including two of Giacomo Carrara’s own. There are 1,632 eighteenth-century sulphur casts from ancient seals, 60 fans from the Sottocasa family, and 133 pewter items from the Albertoni Bequest (2001). 

Many of these collections have been catalogued and studied in recent decades thanks to dedicated research work and undergraduate theses.