CASh – Carrara Automatic Shop
è il nuovo bookshop digitale dell’Accademia Carrara, progetto realizzato in partnership con IVS Italia e Skira.

The Accademia Carrara has a digital bookshop, a place to unwind with a customised vending machine with the museum’s products together with one for drinks and snacks.
The machines have been made in partnership with IVS Italia, a leading automatic vending machines company, and will contain items produced by the Skira publishing house.
This is a place where you can enjoy a break during or at the end of your visit to the museum, with a cup of coffee and the chance to select the Accademia Carrara item of your choice.




The new Bookshop gives you a real digital shopping experience – it’s easy and fast, you can pay with cash or card, and you can choose from a selection of products: from shopping bags with images of works by Lorenzo Lotto and Francesco Hayez, to postcards of the museum’s masterpieces, the Peterzano catalogue and that of the 100 masterpieces in the collection, through to books on the masters of the Renaissance and great pop objects such as magnets and folders. Four tablets are available so you can leaf through the books and interact with the museum by subscribing to the newsletter and filling in the user satisfaction questionnaire.