The Accademia Carrara opens its museum spaces to cultural and commercial events.

Companies, institutions, and individuals can choose the Museum as their exclusive location for conferences, business meetings, private dinners, gala evenings, concerts, and shows.

This is a unique way to promote your image while also supporting and promoting the city’s artistic and cultural heritage.




  • Gallery 18

The most spacious gallery in the Museum is the perfect place for conferences, meetings, presentations, and concerts, in a stunning and highly evocative setting with wonderful paintings all around.

Measuring 95.91 m², the gallery can accommodate up to 80 people seated and can be set up with a table for speakers, chairs and an audio-video system connected to a projector screen.


  • The Great Hall

The imposing entrance hall of the Pinacoteca provides an ideal setting for gala dinners, buffets, and aperitifs.

The catering service can be agreed upon with the Accademia Carrara, choosing from a selection of highly qualified partners, or an inspection with another catering service can be organised.

The vestibule facing the hall can be used as a reception or registration area, and a special cloakroom area is available next to the great entrance hall.

The 106.75 m² Great Hall can accommodate up to 100 people seated at table, or 150 standing.


  • The Courtyard

The outer courtyard of the Museum is a wonderful place for outdoor events. Dinners, aperitifs, concerts, art exhibitions, performances, film screenings and much more besides. For spectacular evenings with the majestic façade of the art gallery and the elegant Piazza Giacomo Carrara as a backdrop.

The 653 m² courtyard can accommodate up to 150 people seated at table or 200 standing.


  • Teaching Room

The room that is generally used for the Museum’s educational workshops and learning activities is the most practical place for conferences and small work groups, birthday parties for children and young people, and small buffets.

The 130 m² classroom (which is divided into two separate areas) can accommodate up to 50 people standing or 30 seated.

The room has 11 tables and 30 chairs, a projector screen and a multimedia interactive whiteboard.




The rental of Museum spaces includes the following services:

  • Organising and setting up the event by Museum staff;
  • Issue of admission tickets to the Museum for those taking part;
  • Assistance of the security supervisor and museum security staff;
  • Cleaning of the premises.



  • Special guided tours and custom-designed thematic displays based on the Museum’s programmes and guests’ requirements;
  • Books and other publications illustrating the Accademia Carrara and its collections to be given as personalised gifts to guests;
  • Installation and management of the audio-video system:
    • Gallery 18
      • Portable audio-video system with projector, CD/DVD player, preamplifier, and connection to a portable PC;
      • 210 x 120 cm projector screen, raised 110 cm from the ground on two support legs;
      • 2 wireless speakers;
      • 2 wireless microphone;
      • 1 boom for table microphone.
    • Teaching Room
      • 205 x 198 cm retractable projection screen with projector and audio system;
      • 126 x 211 cm interactive multimedia whiteboard with projector.



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