The Fondazione Accademia Carrara is, first and foremost, a challenge. It is the wish to entrust the management of a public treasure of immense value to an administration with a strong private outlook. It is the desire to combine promotion and conservation policies in a harmonious manner and to achieve a virtuous form of management consisting of cultural planning, scientific analysis, protection, marketing, communication, and museum development. All with a discerning management approach and a close eye on the financial statements.

It demands dynamism, speed, and vitality, and must appeal to all the social and entrepreneurial centres of the territory, all of whom can look to the Carrara as a concrete, prestigious opportunity for investment.

The Fondazione Accademia Carrara is a shared responsibility. Both public and private, working together to manage the sophisticated beauty of the Museum collection, with the shared aim of opening it up to today’s generations, while naturally preserving it for those of the future.


The Foundation and its Board of Directors

Promoting Member | the City of Bergamo


Founding Members | Fondazione Credito Bergamasco, Fondazione Emilio Lombardini, SACBO


Co-Founding Members | Fondazione MIA, Innowatio


Partner | Rulmeca


Board of Directors

Chairman | Giorgio Gori

Members | Angelo Piazzoli, Corrado Benigni, Roberto Bruni, Marco Fumagalli,

Member appointed by the Commissaria | Willi Zavaritt


Board of Trustees

Chairman | Giorgio Gori

Members | Tito Lombardini, Alessandro Cainelli, Mario Ratti, Fabio Leoncini, Ignazio Bonomi Deleuse