Partnership Agreements


Fondazione Brescia Musei

The five-year agreement between the Fondazione Accademia Carrara and the Fondazione Brescia Musei was entered into with a view to sharing a common culture and outlook, and promoting their heritage and collecting histories, as well as the commitment of the two museums to the contemporary world.

Promotion, conservation, restoration, exhibitions and loans, educational and teaching activities, study and research, exchange of skills, communication, and marketing are all part of the many aspects of their collaboration.


Fondazione Centro Conservazione e Restauro La Venaria Reale

The collaboration comes from the determination to work on joint interdisciplinary programmes of research, documentation, restoration, and teaching, in order to assist and improve the promotion and protection of art history assets by restoring the Museum’s artefacts.


The University of Bergamo

Four-year framework agreement, 2017-21.

The collaboration with the University of Bergamo focuses on programmes for study, promotion, conservation, restoration, and exhibitions. It started with the restoration of a painting in the collection of the Accademia Carrara, the Holy Trinity by Giampaolo Lolmo, which was returned to its original setting in a chapel in the church of Sant’Agostino, now the assembly hall of the University of Bergamo.


Centro di Formazione Professionale Scuola d’Arte Andrea Fantoni

The agreement reflects a determination to respond to some of the Museum’s needs, while at the same time offering the students of one of the city’s historic training institutions a gradual introduction to, and hands-on experience with, the works of art in the museum, which is an essential part of their professional training.





Palazzo Moroni

A collaboration agreement entered into with a view to formulating proposals that pool logistical resources and skills, but above all to create a model destined to have considerable impact on the city, through joint participation in calls for funding, the drafting of joint initiatives targeting both schools and the general public, and the promotion of the displays and spaces of the two institutions, also by involving private partners, and starting up training projects in collaboration with schools and universities.


Officina del Tempo

The spirit of the agreement with the Officina del Tempo is based on the mutual principle of fostering interaction in order to expand and promote the social and cultural heritage of both organisations. It is also designed to help each one achieve its statutory aims and, in particular, to create a common project to promote, disseminate and develop culture and art, to develop a common commitment to the care and promotion of an artistic heritage, and to use time to achieve mutual human and cultural enrichment.