The Accademia Carrara project entitled io volontario nel mio museo, (“I, Volunteer, in my Museum) is devoted to those who love art, their city and the area they live in, and who want to make active use of their time in a place of excellence – a museum of Italian collecting.

The role of volunteers: reception of visitors and promotion of cultural heritage with the aim of making the Pinacoteca a living, dynamic place increasingly in touch with the public.

Professionalism, experience and helpfulness are the key qualities of the Museum team, who provide adequate training and constant support to all the volunteers for all the various activities.

No particular skills are required – just a serious approach and lots of enthusiasm.



Past projects by volunteers

  • Books4bricks

Books4Bricks is a project that involves selling historical catalogues and art publications in order to devote the proceeds to the reconstruction of the Cola Filotesio museum in Amatrice, which was destroyed by the terrible earthquake that hit Central Italy in 2016.